Amethyst Duo earrings

$68.00 (Including GST)

Amethyst Duo pendant

$68.00 (Including GST)

Amethyst scroll earrings

$28.00 (Including GST)

Amethyst, blue topaz and pearl ring

$75.00 (Including GST)

Antiqued silver necklace

$30.00 (Including GST)

Bangles set

$45.00   $25.00 (Including GST)

Bell shaped poetic charm pendant

$120.00 (Including GST)

Birthstone stud earrings

$12.00 (Including GST)

Black Forest earrings

$69.00 (Including GST)

Black round necklace set

$40.00   $25.00 (Including GST)

Blue crystal heart necklace

$35.00 (Including GST)

Blue topaz and pearl pendant

$175.00 (Including GST)

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